Assistant Professor in data analysis and modeling of cognitive neuroscience data – MaastrichtUniversity(UM) – Maastricht


Job description

We are looking for an assistant professor with broad mathematical, statistical, and computational expertise in the analysis and modelling of cognitive neuroscience data. Specifically, we are looking for a staff member who can apply analysis and modeling to various kinds of neurocognitive data, varying from (f)MRI data, over EEG data, to data from invasive recordings obtained with ECoG or depth probes). In general, your research interests should fit within the broad array of fundamental and applied topics covered within CN.

We expect that you are passionate about research and enjoy collaborating with other staff within and beyond CN. In particular, we look for someone whose own research is focused on improving existing and developing novel statistical and computational models for advanced neuroimaging data analysis and statistical inference. Moreover, we look for someone who gets satisfaction from enriching the research of others by offering contributions in analysis and modeling. Note that the latter contributions to research in the department are now also explicitly recognized in the new Recognition and Reward HR policies instated at Maastricht University and are accepted as one of the means towards career development. In the staff member we hope to find, this open and helpful attitude is prioritized over building a specific individualized research line, and team science is prioritized over being individually successful in grant acquisition.

We also hope you are an enthusiastic teacher, as the time commitment on the advertised positions entails 50/50 teaching and research. In 2024, FPN (together with the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences and the Faculty of Science and Engineering) launches a BSc in Brain Science, where the majority of your teaching will take place. In particular, your data science expertise will be in demand for teaching mathematics, statistics and programming courses, and for contributing that expertise to content courses that are still in development. We expect that you have had formal training in mathematics and have experience in teaching topics ranging from algebra and calculus, to machine learning or biophysical modeling. For students writing a bachelor or master thesis with a strong data science or modeling component, you may be asked to be an internship or thesis (co)supervisor.

You are also expected to be a team player with an open communication and effective management style. Once you are settled in, you should be ready to fulfil administrative roles or committee work in the faculty.

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